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Although acupuncture is currently experiencing a great increase in acceptance and growth, many acupuncturists are failing to earn a living. Recent statistics suggest that nearly 9 out of 10 acupuncturists end-up in private practice but most of those are struggling to earn solid incomes. This book offers candid and comprehensive advice about what it really takes to manage a successful acupuncture practice in the West today. Readers will learn the unique combination of skills needed to make acupuncture services effective and affordable while still allowing practitioners to earn a comfortable living. Distilled from 25 years of full-time private practice this is real-word advice offered by one of the acupuncture profession’s most experienced practitioners and authors.

Here is what your colleagues are saying about Making Acupuncture Pay:

“Not strictly a clinical guide, or a business book, or a political treatise, but rather an original fusion of the most important aspects of all three, “Making Acupuncture Pay” should be required reading for every student of acupuncture, for any acupuncturist who’s struggling to make a practice work, and well, for any acupuncturist…PERIOD!” – Brent Ottley, L.Ac.

“This book should be required reading before one enrolls in acupuncture school, as each chapter addresses the fundamental concepts and realistic prospects of the graduate earning a living as an acupuncturist.” – Pamela Howard, acupuncture student

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