What Making Acupuncture Pay (MAP) is All About

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15-Oct-2013 11:19 AM

Matthew Bauer

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We are up to over 650 Likes on this Facebook page and I wanted to welcome those newer to this resource and also give a rundown of what I am trying to accomplish with my MAP outreach efforts. My number one goal in writing Making Acupuncture Pay as well as this Page, website, and the seminars and webinars I have been presenting the last two years is to provide practical advice and logistical support for Acupuncturists trying to establish successful private practices. I am convinced that too many Acupuncturists are lacking in the common-sense basics of how to apply their healing art within a private practice setting. I don’t claim to hold the mystical key to making you a Master in diagnosis and treatment but I am someone who has learned how to make my healing services work both clinically and financially for myself and a high percentage of my patients. I do this five days a week for some 20 patients a day and have been doing so for many years. There are some basic skills needed to make this all work in a private practice setting and these tend to be the same for any population, in most all countries. My focus has been working to identify those basics and get this information out there because the more successful acupuncture practices there are the more people will be helped by this gentle form of natural healing. I can only treat so many patients myself but if I can help others put it all together and build successful practices, I will have accomplished much more than I could do alone.

I established the MAP website (www.MakingAcupuncturePay.com) as a place where we could offer a variety of resources. There is a Forum where you can ask any questions on any aspect of practice – clinical and business – or offer your own insights and experiences. I have also been doing some audio recordings with the first of these being my interviews of some great pioneers in the acupuncture/Chinese medicine field. Those are under the Audio tab on the MAP site. I also plan to hold and record some teleconference calls on various topics to give people a chance to ask me questions and exchange insights. Look for those in the coming months. The Map site also has three (at present) CEU/PDA courses at a very low fee. The full materials are free – you only pay if you want CEU/PDA credits. I try my best to bring you useful resources and the vast majority at no charge. The only things I sell are my books and then the CEU/PDA credits. My personal vow is that the more I earn from those sources, the more I will spend bringing you additional free resources. Lastly, while there is not a tab on the MAP site for free clinic forms, we have 9 of those at this link: www.MakingAcupuncturePay.com/forms

I send-out 2-3 notices a week from this Facebook page as I have found this to be more fluid than my website. I try to not just send stuff out for the sake of sending stuff out but rather when I think there is some benefit from the material. I actually have to pay the Facebook people to get any message to all the MAP Likes so you should check-in once a week or so to stay current as I can’t pay for this every time. I am trying to do more international outreach as I believe the basics of how to manage a successful acupuncture practice are the same the world over and some of the feedback I have been getting is confirming this. We now have people from several countries who have Liked this Facebook page and I am so happy about that.

I am not holding myself out as the lone authority on successful practice but trying to get others talking and thinking about the fact that managing patients within a private practice setting is an art in itself and requires as much attention as skill in diagnosis and treatment do. You can help me raise the profile of this issue by telling your colleagues about my book, website and this Facebook page. And please consider writing a review of my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites as those help people seeking help in how to turn their training into a living.

Thank you all for the interest and support you have shown so far and let’s see what more we can do together to help more practitioners help more patients. 

Matthew Bauer