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16-Jul-2013 04:38 PM

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A friend of mine, who has just graduated from Acupuncture school, is on the phone with me and was having trouble buying your book.  I work with websites, so I’d like to help you out.

On the page where I would choose how many books to put in my cart, you have a link at the top of the page that says something like “Purchase book” and clicking on it leads you back to your home page.  That link needs to go. It creates a confusing loop.

Also it might be a GREAT idea to tell your customers they’re going to PayPal, since that is know as a secure site, generally, and you logo with the key isn’t recognizable.  My friend wasn’t goin to buy your book because it didn’t look like you really offered security when payment was due.  A PayPal logo would clear that up.

After I talked her through it, she is now buying your book, but I could see why she might have given up without some help. 

Also, it would be helpful if you’d provide an email address, since I’m not an acupuncturist and I didn’t really want to join this forum just to give you some unasked for but nonetheless useful tips on online marketing.

All the best, though.   


16-Jul-2013 06:04 PM

Matthew Bauer

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Thank you for taking the time to point-out some of the less than optimal things about my website. I will see about making those changes. The guy I hired that set this up ended-up flaking-out on me (quit doing that type of work and didn’t bother to tell me) and while the guy I have now is quite professional, at $125 an hour I get pretty selective in how I use him. It was my hope that people with skills I don’t have would see that I was dedicating myself to helping others succeed with their practices and offer to help out. I do have someone also helping with the website at a very low fee but his technical abilities are limited. We are getting ready to offer a whole new type of product for sale – continuing education courses and it is proving to be more complex (and expensive) than I first hoped. Since my income stream from these offerings is quite modest (and I teach acupuncturists they need to keep their overheads low) I try to chose very carefully how much money to spend on what fixes. Thanks again and please feel free to contact with any advice you may have. 

Matthew Bauer