Pre paid packages

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22-Mar-2012 03:07 PM

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Do you have patients pay as they come or do you also offer pre-paid packages as well?  

Dan Clark


22-Mar-2012 04:38 PM

Matthew Bauer

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Matthew Bauer


Hi Dan  – I don’t use pre-paid packages myself, they pay as they go. I let them know upfront how many treatments I think it will take to see the start of improvement and tell them if they decide to start treatment they need to be ready to give it that many times but I don’t try to lock them into a number with pre-pay plans. My general advice there is that medical doctors don’t do that and acupuncturists need to been seen as practicing as professionals like medical doctors. That is the standard people are used to and “selling package deals” is not something people expect from their health care professionals. I know there are some that make that work for them but it just does not feel right to me.