Heart Arrhythmia

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28-Feb-2013 02:22 PM


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Hello Matthew,

I hope this finds you well & happy. As always ~ thank you for your feedback and engagement. We are so fortunate to have your attention.

Have you had success treating heart arrhythmia? If so, what can acupuncture & (chinese herbs) do for this condition?

Maureen Hartker


28-Feb-2013 08:53 PM

Matthew Bauer

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Hi Maureen  – Cardiac arrhythmias can cover such a wide range of different types and degrees of seriousness so it is hard to give an answer. It is certainly possible to help some mild to moderate cases and not so likely to help others that are more serious. I have a case of a middle aged man with A-fib type of arrhythmia that is responding pretty well but I am not sure if the treatment will have much of a lasting effect. Acupuncture helps the body to find its balance between overdoing and under doing and that is what happens with the electric signals in the heart but it depends on just how deeply ingrained those out of sync signals are. I suspect that there is more that can be done with herbs but I don’t have experience doing that. Most patients with arrhythmias will be on medications and I would be hesitant to rely on using herbs since you leave yourself open to possible liability on something like this that could have serious consequences if not managed just right. Maybe in the hospitals in China where they can combine the Chinese with modern medicine and use modern tests to monitor it all it would work out. One of the great advantages to acupuncture is there is much less risk. You can add it to their medication routine and if they start doing better they can consult with their doctor about reducing their medication.

Let me know if you have more details about a specific case and I will try to give more specific feedback.     

Matthew Bauer