A Typical Day’s Patient Load

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01-May-2013 08:58 AM

Matthew Bauer

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I had been thinking of posting some of my cases for those who might be interested. I know I like reading about real cases. Rather than cherry-picking some of these, I had the thought to just give a bit of info for each patient I had seen on a typical day. The following was my patient-load for Tuesday, April 23rd. This includes some parts of my SAOP notes but are not those notes exactly as I added some info to make it more understandable and left out some parts that might not have made sense in this format.  As always, I hope you find this useful and invite questions/comments.

On this day I saw 21 patients – 9 of those were  cash – 12 insurance –  4 of the insurance patients were  referred from an HMO (I think I missed one of those cases here) .


SINUS CONGESTION, HEADACHES, KNEE PAIN. 56 yr female.  Previous patient  had not seen in over 1 yr.  Having some sinus congestion and headaches  more congestion on left side headaches on right also right knee pain still after a fall landing on right knee several weeks ago. Advised  to take Bi-yan 4-5 tid for sinus showed acupressure points on knee and elbow and ad to keep using kwan loong oil for knee. Can see me next week if wants AP Inner knee eye St34,35,Sp10 LI11 ST3 GB14 right knee extra point. 

Follow-up: Saw this patient again on 04-30-13 no headache or sinus pressure knee pain was down for 2 days then partly returned after doing a lot of physical activity.


SORE THROAT & RIB AREA PAIN. 52 year old male have been seeing him on and off for over 8 months for various pains and other issues. Recently saw Dr for antibiotics for sinus throat infection throat feels raw. Advised can take loquat syrup 3-4 tbl a day and or water melon frost lozenges 3-4 a day also rib soreness near left gb24 area after golfing Advised can use kwan loong oil on ribs see me nw. AP Sp9 LI11,15 CV14 GB24, 14 St3 CV22  

NECK, RIGHT SHOULDER LOWER BACK AND RIGHT FOOT PAIN:  70 year old male this is his 7th treatment over 4 weeks. Felt well most of weekend Sunday had pain in ball of foot and some neck soreness Sunday night.  OK now Advised  to see me LTW or early next week good progress AP GV14,13,4,extra,3 Bl24,25,TH15 right: Gb21 LI15,14, Lv3 St42 GB42 HL AM LR    

Follow up: Saw on 4/30/13 neck, shoulder, lower back, and foot pain all doing well. Had one day of foot pain when on feet a lot.   


RIGHT THUMB LEFT KNEE PAIN.  40 year old female third treatment over 2 weeks.  Right thumb was sore after treatment then eased over next 2 days and is pretty good today better than before last treatment left knee sore at Lv8 area. Advised thumb soreness was from heightening brain’s awareness of pain good sign is down now will avoid the most sensitive point in thumb today see me later this week or early next week. AP Inner knee eye Lv8 Sp9 TH5 right LI5 Left Lu10 LI4

LOWER BACK TO RIGHT HIP AND LEG PAIN 82 year old male. Seen for back neck and knee problems over a few yrs ago now 3rd treatment  since returned . Low back to right hip area pain on and off sitting can set it off advised to try adjusting sitting angle and don’t stay in one position too long. Plays racquet ball regularly advised best to take some time off.  See me next week or later this week AP GV4,extra,3 Bl24,25,26,53 GB29,30    

Follow up.  Fifth treatment. Low back and left sciatic pain is down had been a bit up and down but decided to take time off racquet ball.

ANXIETY  76 male Treated here before for hip and back pain 2 yrs ago.  Seeking treatment for anxiety advised to start with 3 treatments over next 7-8 days will advise on herbs as we go along is doing some meditation will advise on that also later some Heart and Liver yin xu AP Sp6,9 LI11 GB14 ear/shenmen

Follow up. Responded well to first and second treatment until someone asked him to recall the biggest mistake he had made in his life. This set his anxiety back. Advised him there will be steps forward and some back but as long as we have net gain (more forward) we are making progress. See me 2 more times once a week and we will reevaluate.   

STRESS FERTILTIY STOMACH ISSUES: 31 year old male. First visit – husband of patient being seen for fertility.  Seeking treatment for stress stomach upset and fertility Advised to start with 3 tx over 7-10 days can take Curing pills 1 vial as needed for stomach upset see me later this week or early next week. Will advise on herbs for stress at next visit. Tongue red streaks on side white coat Liver yang Shi AP Sp6,9 CV12 St25 Ear/shenmen

Follow-up. Had appointment for 4-3013 but was a no show. Did not have a good feeling about this one being interested in the treatment. His wife made him come here and he was “joking” about how his wife nagged him into it.  Caleed later that day saying realized missed appointment. We had no appointments available this week and made one for him next week. (he better show).


PAIN IN MANY AREAS ESPECIALLY ALL OF BACK HIPS LEGS SHOULDERS. A very complex case.  38 year old female. 23rd treatment  since nov 12 2012.  Felt more pain reduction after last treatment like getting the “ball rolling” again this last week noticed some loss of strength in workouts advised to drink sports drinks to make sure electrolytes OK could also be hormone fluctuation see me next week  good progress. AP GV15,14,4,extra,3 Bl11,24,25,26,53 Gb29 GB21 HL AM PR   

Follow up. Saw on 4/29/13 continues to do better. Physical Therapist told her that she had not seen a patient like her do so well with acupuncture before.


PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS. 37 year old female. Started as a fertility patient also had headaches and uterine fibroids. Eventually got pregnant then developed marked morning sickness  was treated here for that and responded well then diagnosed as gestational diabetes.  Dr has her eating more protein and 6 small meals a day checking blood sugar 1 hr later and sugars have been good. Advised  if has any issues with blood sugars can try herbs then but no need now see me in 1-2 weeks nausea staying down. Advised good progress AP CV17,18 yintang Gv24 GB14  ear/stomach  


SUDDEN MEMORY LOSS. 61 year old female. Wife of an MD patient of mine had sudden memory loss the week previous. All brain scans negative.  Third treatment. Still some short-term memory problems. Had taken some brain function/memory test last year and re-took them to compare and had measurable decline but seems to have some improvement in most recent test compared to last week’s. Slight soreness in left side of head as has history of. Advised to see me ltw hope to see more improvement soon. AP SP6,9 CV14 TH5 GV24 right: Bl3,4  ear/brainstem.  

Follow up.  Some fatigue still but feels better than ½ way back to normal.


ASTHMA  PAIN IN MID BACK TO BOTH HIPS. 70 year old female with long history of moderate to severe asthma recent auto accident causing back to hips pain.  Second  treatment over  1 week also taking a Loquat leaf based herbal tea. Feeling better overall less pain (although took 2 Vicodin yesterday after sitting at card table for 5 hrs) and breathing seems better  had test and breathing was at 320 and that is as high as has ever read. Ad all hopeful signs of good start see me ltw or early nw stay on herbs. AP Sp6,9 CV14 Lu7 ear/lung bronchial

Follow-up Pain and breathing both still better pain 60-70% improved.

FOOT PAIN. 62 year old male had been here last year for low back pain.  First treatment. Pain near right Bl62 area ad can wear plasters being mindful of skin (handout given) see me later this week or early next week.  Not sure if soft tissue strain or nerve irritation as describes as burning sensation. AP Sp6,9 GB40 right: Gb38,39, 41 Bl62, 

Follow up. Pain eased with first treatment more than 50%.  

PAIN IN MANY AREAS ,CARPAL TUNNEL, TENDONISTIS, ARTHRITIS. Pain levels down 50% or so overall trying to focus more now on pain in wrists. Have seen about 20 times since last November. Feeling some soreness after being active over weekend but OK overall  Advised to see me later nw. AP SP9 GB34 LI4,11 TH5

MORNING SICKNESS. 32 year old female. Another former fertility patient now pregnant and with morning sickness. Feeling slight nausea but no more vomiting advised good progress see me later this week or early next week AP PC 6,4 ear/stomach   


TINNITUS AND MENIER’S.  70 year old female.  Former patient not seen in 6 years first treatment for this condition.  Ad to start with 5-6 tx over 3-4 weeks some water imbalance take Curing pills 1 vial tid or if any nausea see me later this week or early nw. AP Sp6 K7 St26 GB2 TH5  ear/stomach AM SU  


TENNIS ELBOW; 51 year old male was treated here for same problem and pain ceased 3 months ago. First treatment since returned. Left elbow sore after riding motorcycle twice mostly at LI 10-8  some at SI8 wants to ride long trip in 2 months ad to see me 2x a week if can to start AP LI11,10,8 SI8 AM SU  


ALLERGIES AND RIGHT LEG PAIN. SU 57 year old female seen on and off 7 months for insomnia neck pain allergies responded well  husband seen for A-fib . Feeling some soreness near left GB34 but right leg doing well allergies holding up well too Advised to see me in 1-2 weeks if feels needs for either leg good progress. AP Sp9 GB34,28 CV5 St27 ear/hip


LOWER BACK PAIN RADICULITIS INTO BUTTOCKS AND LEGS WITH LEGS NUMBNESS. 82 year old male.  First visit. Was seen 7 month ago for a consultation did not start treatment then now doing worse.  Seeking treatment  for lower back stiffness to buttock and legs numbness advised try initial series of 6-8 tx over 4-5 weeks to see how responds Belt Bl GB channel qi stag Dx with stenosis and lower lumbar arthritic degeneration history of chronic leukemia in remission. Advised can use mild heat at home rest low back. See me ltw  or early nw. AP GV4,extra,3 Bl23,24,25,26,53 Gb29  


NECK PAIN. 44 year old female.  Seen here for neck pain successfully until Sept 2012/ Pain returned 4/13. Second treatment. Feeling less pain since last tx still some in neck and some stiffness advised good progress see me later next week. AP GV15,14,13,11,12 Bl10,18 Th15


SHOULDER PAIN. 68 year old female was treated her for low back pain successfully had not seen in 2 years. Second treatment for this issue.  Left shoulder pain and rom much better slight soreness at li15 area but having pain in right index finger last few weeks think arthritis from using computer mouse a lot at work. Ad hope 1-2 treatments will help that can rub-in kwan loong oil there too see me once next week and see how is responding. AP LI15,11 left shoulder extra right Li3 ahshi at middle knuckle of index (Korean hand LI at)

Matthew Bauer


02-May-2013 10:31 AM


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Hi Matt,

I haven’t had a chance to read through more closely yet, but just wanted to say I love this.  Single case studies are great for going in-depth, but it is so helpful to see a “day in the life”.  Thanks for putting this together, especially with the follow-up information from the subsequent visit.  


02-May-2013 11:18 AM

Matthew Bauer

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Thanks  – I hope others find int of interest also. I know this is the kind of thing I am always curious about – just how different practitioners are managing what kind of cases.

Matthew Bauer


15-Aug-2013 12:42 PM


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Thank you so much for posting your cases, I find this extremely helpful and invaluable! 


21-Aug-2013 08:23 AM


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Thank you for sharing your cases, Matthew. Really gives me an insight on the practicality that other “less commonly used” points can be used. Find them to be of great help. For pain, I’m currently applying Dr. Tans Method and using Auriculartherapy, so far I’m having an 80% success rate. Just opened my practice, and struggling on bringing in patients. I’ve read your book and starting to implement your advices. 

Thanks Again.


Carlos A. 


21-Aug-2013 09:08 AM

Matthew Bauer

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Hello Carlos and jaimy – Thanks for posting here and you are very welcome. Glad to hear you find this helpful. Carlos  – great to hear about your success rates. Good job. Don’t forget that in addition to the points it is also about how often you use them ( frequency and total number). As for getting them in your door you can always ask questions in this Forum and in my book you will see I stress this is done in two primary ways- by educating your current patients about all you can do for them (and frequently reminding them of this) and educating/marketing outreach to the public and health care professionals. Keep us posted on how things are going. 

Matthew Bauer